Experience in the use of 7 Slim

7 Slim: how I lost 8 kg in a month

I rarely write reviews, but this drug could not ignore. Two months ago purchased 7 Slim on the recommendation of sisters.

Reviews Slim 7

I want to share the results of the course, which lasted a month, and my indicators still 30 days after its completion. I hope my experience use will help readers to lose weight.

Briefly about the method of application

The drug is a drop. They do not need to measure with a pipette or a measuring Cup, it's already dosed. One ampoule once. In a pack of 20 mini packs.

The instructions simple and clear told how to use 7 Slim: drink 3 times a day for 20-30 minutes before meals, drink juice or water. I decided to diversify the application and add the liquid to milk and then poured in his protein powder. Indigestion or other side effects after that didn't notice.

To 7 Slim

My input data – 75 kg height 170. That is 25 pounds more than my ideal weight. So, a bit of shape after childbirth. Activity standard – walking distance to metro station, shops, sometimes walking on the nearest Park. Sports as to the course and while it was not engaged. Time for the gym no. Still it is worth mentioning that the hips in my early weight loss was noticeable cellulite.

After 30 days 7 Slim

Experience in the use of

Could not resist and were weighed each week, although they say that weight can jump. The first time was a kilogram, then a 1.5 minutes... And the third and fourth week, the result of sharply increased to 2.5 and 3 kg! Apparently, the effect is accumulated. Just 8 kg in 30 days to the end of the course my weight has reached the value of 67 kg.

Cellulite has become considerably less. Skin after weight loss is quite rapid by the standards of the dietitians (they suggest to drop no more than 4 kg per month) is not hung. I did a light massage with a stiff brush, but no more measures for tightening is not accepted, and the skin was elastic, as if I wasn't dieting.


7 Slim – a really quick way to lose weight. The best results I have given only a mono for 3 weeks, but this is, frankly, torture of the body. And 7 Slim it turns out to lose weight and quickly, and without consequences for health. The most important thing is that the pounds do not come back! A month passed, but not gain a single gram. And I recommend you to try.